One Hot Mess

The series that started it all...

The Masters Maiden

Kitty is going to be a star on an erotic mini series and she and her producer are rehearsing some scenes before heading towards the set. But things get hot and bothered between the two and Kitty submits to the demands of the dominant guy. How far will she let him go?

The Farce Awakens - Naughty Princess

Princess Leila has been captured by the evil empire, and they want to make her talk and give up her friends. The plan is unconventional and way too good to fail. Find out what those dirty bastards have in mind for our little princess...

Home Invasion

A collaboration between 3DZen and HZR!
And it has dickgirls too!
Follow the exploits of Jade, as she tries to conquer Chezara, who she had just met in her store. But love (and some urges inside that large cock of hers) made her seek the lovely lady out. Find out what happens next!

The Crafty Maid

Follow the sexy exploits of Julia, a cute maid in the service of a rich goblin Lord. She may appear shy, but looks can be deceiving...

Married with Secrets

Who cheats on who? A businessman on a trip with his secretary, or the wife back at home, who just happens to have "friends" over? Find out by buying this series!

One Hot Summer

The summer series of 2015! Enjoy how the trio from One Hot Mess experiences a round of some wet summer vacation fun!

Ass Effect - The Omni Pleasure Tool

This story is not about the Shepherd and his heroic crew. No! We follow the juicy exploits of the replacement crew that stays behind. They are bored, they got too much time, and they got alot of sexual energy that needs to be released. Check it out 🙂

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